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eVirtuoso Book

eVirtuoso Music Theory Essentials is a must-have book for students and songwriters of all ages and skill levels. This book will be a great tool to improve fundamentals, as well as performances and compositions! See More.

Online Lessons

eVirtuoso Music Theory Online Lessons website is dedicated to educating music students with lessons, exercises, and tests. Here you will find the most important music theory fundamentals including lessons on Intervals, Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, and Key Signatures. See More.

Teacher Schedule

Teacher Schedule is a web site for any music teacher that allows lesson schedule management. Teachers can maintain both a private schedule and a public one. In addition, to managing lessons, there are 3 editable web pages; Home page, Bio page, and Contact page. See More.

CubeCart Mods

CubeCart a fully featured ecommerce shopping cart solution used by over a million store owners around the world. Our mods extend this functionality to give your store custom features. See More.

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